[Listen/Download] – New Song By Twin Sister – “Peach”

It hasn’t even been a week since Twin Sister offered up two new songs from their “Bad Street” 10″ single.

The b-sides were both a step down from the baby-funk of lead track “Bad Street”, one being an instrumental (“In Heaven”) and the other being a delicate acoustic number (“You Remind Me Of”), and with demo “Peach” they’ve brought back a slice of the funk.

Initially I felt like I was in orientation for a new job in 1987 but as it progressed I ended up dancing my way out of that training room and into some purple leg warmers and was gyrating atop cars bins and other stuff I shouldn’t have been.  What can I say, leg warmers make me irresponsible.

It’s yours if you want it, just pop a squat on that song link below and get the funk down you funky motherfunkers!

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Twin Sister – “Peach”