[Listen/Download] – New Track By Contrakids – “Bulletproof (I Hurt You)”

More from Sydney’s Contrakids! I really feel La Roux‘s Elly Jackson sounds at her best as a sample. Usually, as a sample on a dubstep track – I’m thinking Skream‘s remix of “In For The Kill”, obviously, and Nero‘s more aggressive treatment of “I’m Not Your Toy”. Given the precedent, it’s not surprising that there’s more of a dub flavour to the latest offering from the Antipodean electro-poppers, “Bulletproof (I Hurt You)”, which samples – you’d never guess – “Bulletproof”.

Dubstep probably isn’t very “cool” (Or is it “groovy”? I dunno: it’s hard keeping up with the kids these days.) any more.  The point is that I don’t care if it isn’t “hip”: I still have a big soft spot for it. Not least because its one of the few genres I can actually dance to; even I can bend my knees and nod my head slowly. For those who have no such sentimentality towards it, though, it’s still worth checking out “Bulletproof (I Hurt You)” – sure, it’s a bit slower than the ‘kids’ usual output, and it’s not four-to-the-floor, but it’s still mostly electro-pop.

Still need convincing? Well, you can download it below. What are you waiting for?

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Contrakids – ”Bulletproof (I Hurt You)”