Listen/Download: Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love

Ra Ra Riot Beta Love Album Cover

Ra Ra Riot burst into the indie music scene in 2o07 with an EP full of lush, chamber pop chock full of strings, rich vocals and great energy. All their traits translated really well into their 2008 debut, The Rhumb Line, and naturally everyone got really excited about what was to come. What did come a couple years later was an album titled The Orchard, which to many was a major misstep. While it doesn’t hold up to the debut, I think it’s still fairly underrated, and contains some of the band’s best songs, like “Boy” and “You and I Know”.

Still, now the big question on everyone’s (or at least the band’s fans) mind was where the band would go to next, and if they would return to the string-heavy sounds of the debut. The short answer is no – but don’t write them off just yet. A couple of weeks ago the band announced their third album, called Beta Love, which will be out on January 22nd via Barsuk Records, and now they’ve released the first single, and title track, from the album.

Yes, the strings are mostly gone, replaced instead by several layers of synths, but this song is one of the band’s catchiest to date. Lead singer Wes Miles has also decided to explore his falsetto, and he really lets go in the chorus. Touches of the band’s old sound are still there too, such as the punchy, almost melodic bass and layers of strings supporting the synths in the second half of the song.

Beta Love is out January 22nd on Barsuk records, but you can pre-order it, along with some exclusive bundles, now in the US and Canada. What do you think of the band’s new sound?

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