[Listen/Download] – Sean Blackthorn – “[One] Night”

Listen to Sean Blackthorn‘s new song “[One] Night” below.

When you find a song that you almost instantly fall in love with, it never seems to last long enough. Before you know it you’ve hit repeat¬†six times and all the lyrics and chord progressions have been memorised three times over.

Such is the case with Canadian Sean Blackthorn‘s new late night, soulful, RnB slow jam “[One] Night”, which comes into its own in the last half as his heart and soul are poured out beneath a solitary piano and a single, echoing blip.

It’s the third new track he’s released in the last month or two which touch on a mix of Rhye meets Perfume Genius. Check out “[One] Night” below and go grab the MP3 from his Bandcamp page.

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Sean Blackthorn – “[One] Night”