[Listen/Download] – The Hood Internet – Yeasayer vs Jump Jump Dance Dance vs Grum

I’ve not really been feeling The Hood Internet’s last few mashups, in fact not since their mashup of Dr Dre and Class Actress, but this one I’m definitely feeling, and it may just be illegal.

They’ve taken Yeasayer’s “O.N.E.”, thrown it into a bowl with Jump Jump Dance Dance’s “Show Me The Night” (as remixed by Grum), mixed well until all lumps have gone, and then let it bake.  Ok…..I apologise, that was cheesy.  I won’t do that again…..I obviously don’t feel too bad about it though because then you wouldn’t be reading it.

Anyway, it’s a sick remix so check it out below and then head to JJDD’s MySpace for their original as well as some other tight songs.

The Hood Internet – “Show Me The “O.N.E.

(via The Hood Internet)