Listen/Download: Verse Metrics – Aches

Verse Metrics, a Glaswegian quartet, have released their moody EP, Radians today. A five-song EP, it traverses indie post-punk well with clacking rhythms and slow guitar melodies that feel like Interpol threw them out for the bums to fight over. Now, Verse Metrics does this with some class – don’t let me call them bums. They shine in certain spots, where in others, they just sound like Mogwai b-sides. The guitar-only bit that builds in “Aches” is incendiary, and you can download the single from their Soundcloud page.

“Aches” is a nice builder, with some very precise lyrics (below) that are refrained throughout. The singer, Robert Dick, has a very nice vocal track, echoing Paul Banks added with Ben Gibbard. Maybe Verse Metrics will get famous and Dick will go solo. Hmm.

“Every bone in your body aches to know my name, to feel love, feel safe in this house.
‘Cause I’ve sent cards and maps and codes for you to find
and every bone in your body aches to know my…”

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