[Listen/Download] – Young Fathers – “Tape One” (Free Mixtape)

Listen to and download Young Fathers‘ new free mixtape “Tape One” below.

From what I’ve heard so far, which to be honest is not a whole lot, I’m not a fan of the Hip-Hop that I’ve heard coming from my home country of Scotland, with one exception.

Young Fathers are a three-piece from Edinburgh that we posted about back in December of 2010, and as our resident Young Fathers fan/writer went on to pastures new, we pretty much dropped the ball on everything they’ve done since.

The always-on-point and venerable Veronica over at CreamTeam points out that most recently in November they dropped “Tape One”, a brand new 8-song mixtape that showcases their brilliant and unique pile-driving, dub-fueled funky take on grimy Hip-Hop, with accents peaking through ever-so-slightly, but not enough to sound weird and out of place.

Below you can hear a couple of the tracks from “Tape One” and if you’re at all like me, you’ll enjoy it enough to go grab the whole thing for yourself from their Bandcamp page.

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Young Fathers – “Rumbling”
Young Fathers – “Sister”