Listen/Stream – Christopher Owens – Lysandre (Full Album Stream)


The ex-Girls front man has gone solo and nothing is different. Christopher Owens is still making masterfully catchy music with his beautifully crafted lyrics. His solo album might feature some new sounds, like a saxophone in multiple songs, but it’s still derivative. This is not a shift-in-sound album.

Owens crafts a generally great album that was on par with Girls‘ 2011′s Father, Son, Holy Ghost. With great songs like “Here We Go”, “New York City”, and “Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener, you can tell why he left and went solo. This album only continues Owens’ legacy as being a leader in the indie scene.

This link will take you to the proper stream of Lysandre. Listen on and sing in tune. Lord knows that’s what this album was designed for. Below you can stream “Here We Go”, the first single from the album.

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