[Listen/Watch] – New Song And Video By Arctic Monkeys – “Brick By Brick”

So this was unexpected.

I’d presumed that since main man Alex Turner was doing his own “Submarines” EP that the monkeys themselves would be postponing their next album until his side proect was over and done with.  Apparently not the case.

The band just uploaded this new song to their YouTube channel called “Brick By Brick” and it’s actually a pretty good song.  Sounding more mature and like something that might’ve been on a hybrid between their first and second albums, it’s definitely better than most of the stuff that you heard on “Humbug” (or that I at least heard on “Humbug”….was not a fan).

The video is actually kinda cool if you’re into vinyl as it shows some chick giving their new album/12″ single a listen on a sexy piece of equipment, interspersed with the band hanging around on a beach and then shows their vinyl being pressed.  Nothing groundbreaking about the video but it’s cool to see the focus on being on a piece of wax being pressed and played. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

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