Listen: L’Orange – The Mad Writer (Full Album Stream)

L’Orange has created a dissonant hip-hop masterpiece, filled with jarring wordplay and dark, conceptual beats that fill your ears with intensity. Creating an album of this caliber is no small feat, but putting together the cast featured on this album (Blu, yU, Erica Lane, Has-Lo) is another huge thumbs-up. From the opening “I did it for you” bit, onto the jazzy opener “First Person”, the album already kicks off and sets the stage perfectly. The best way to sum the sound of this record, with brilliant production to add, is jazzy beats looped to a hip-hop groove, with dastardly dark sampled vocals careening on the side of the sound.

Brilliance only comes around every once in a long while, and this is the time to recognize it. L’Orange has seriously brought everything to the plate and hit a huge grand slam in clutch time. The title track is absolutely perfect, with its continuing story about the insane writer who keeps writing and writing and writing, as on the cover. Speaking of the cover, is the album cover not one of the best? The entire album, when not featuring jaw-dropping lyrics from the aforementioned artists, samples random bits from random things that would be hard to trace. It seems like most of the things are sampled from the yester-years of time. “Alone” is another of the standouts, with a brilliant sample of a beautiful voice that will trap in your head for weeks.

Please, to whoever you pray to, check this album out.

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