[SXSW] – Caged Animals

by Mila Matveeva

The Brooklyn music scene was being nicely represented in Austin, Texas this week at SXSW. Vincent Cacchione, Magali Charron, Talya Cacchione and Patrick Curry, AKA Caged Animals, played as part of Pianos/Prefix Mag’s SXSW showcase earlier this week and, as usual, they did not disappoint. I’ve been mad about these guys ever since I came upon their “Teflon Heart” single (which I snagged on beautiful pink vinyl! <3) on their label Lucky Number Music‘s site (the same guys who brought you Friends and Darwin Deez). Wednesday night’s performance just reminded me how great these guys are and it was nice to hear a lot more experimentation and noise in their set than what you might expect from just listening to their minimalist avant-pop recordings.

by Mila Matveeva

If you’re in town, you have plenty more times to see Caged Animals play. Meanwhile, watch the video for their latest single “Piles Of $$$“. More on them next week…

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Caged Animals – Piles Of $$$ from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.