[Watch] – New Video By Appetite – “Tussy”

Here’s a bizarre visual stimulant from a guy named Teddy Briggs, who apparently played drums in the original lineup of Rooney, but this has nothing to do with that, though.

The song itself is a mix of novelty sing-song/spoken word verses and a droning chillwave-esque chorus, all over the same drum sample. It’s interesting, at the very least. The lyrical cadence is off-step, more repetitive than inventive. It’s not a rap song, that’s for sure.

The video is one of the most interesting I’ve seen lately, and between taking swigs of Miller High Life and dancing around the pool and local park with his oddly-dressed friends (or bandmates?), Teddy presents an intense acid-trip experience for your amusement. It’s the result of much computer editing- you see two mouths where his sunglass-lenses would be, dogs, a tarantula, a scorpion, and various liquids flashing highly-saturated neon colors. There’s plenty to look at.

Check out the t-shirt at 1:36… these guys obviously have a beer preference.

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