[Watch] – New Video by The Coral – “1000 Years”

I recently sold a bunch of my CDs as I don’t use them anymore.  If I’m buying music it’s on vinyl or I’m downloading it and when I took them to the record shop 10 miles away the owner turned out to be from the U.K. too, the only other person I’ve met from the U.K. since I moved here seven years ago.

We got talking about music, mainly the bands that were on the CDs of mine he was going through and when he came to The Coral’s debut album he said “One of best and most underrated bands around.  Nobody knows about them over here, it’s a shame.” It’s true, I’ve only met one other person besides myself who knows about them.  But they do have a following over here, albeit a relatively small one.  About a month ago I posted about their new song “Butterfly House” and yesterday they uploaded the video for “1000 Years” to their YouTube page.

Check them both out below.  The album “Butterfly House” is due out on July 12th.

The Coral – “Butterfly House

(via Schmooze Blog)