[Watch] – Radiohead Perform “The King Of Limbs” In Its Entirety, Including New Song “The Daily Mail”

Love them or hate (I love them, your mother hates them), one thing Radiohead do very well is the promotion and publicity push of an album release.

With their latest album “The King of Limbs”, they announced it outta the blue, much like they did with their last album “In Rainbows”, and the music world went nutso! They had the album launch and brought it forward by a day, they had teasers and public “happenings”, they had the newspaper as well as the newspaper edition of the album, released videos, they’ve done performances from here to there, they’ve announced a series of 12″ singles with remixes of TKOL tracks done by some of the music indistry’s most prominent artists, and then they announced that they’d done this session for From The Basement, a show done by long-time friend and collaborator Nigel Godrich in which they played TKOL in its entirety.

Not only thaaaaat, but they recorded them playing a brand new track by the name of “The Daily Mail”.  When they surprised everyone a couple of weeks by by showing up and playing an unannounced set at Glastonbury, the only videos we got were what you’d usually expect to find from a festival appearance; shaky video with thousands of screams and somewhere in the mix the actual music, which by the time it reaches the mic on said person’s camera/phone, has already been flown around and meddled with by the wind.

As the BBC had put a stop on any of the footage being shown until July 1st, we’d still heard/seen nothing of the sort until today (Saturday) when one eagle-eyed fan in Spain saw the performance being shown on their version of Canal+ and quickly set about recording them.  Chances are they’ll be taken down pretty soon, so get your eyes on these sharpish.

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Radiohead – The Daily Mail (From The Basement Session) by ListenBeforeYouBuy