[Watch] – Tyler, The Creator Performs A “Yonkers” & “Sandwitches” Mashup At The MTVu Woodie Awards

Also playing at last night’s MTVu Woodie Awards was Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats for a Tellytubby backdropped, dwarf-starring mini-me, amped-up crowd-surfing mashup of “Yonkers” and “Sandwitches”.

If you follow Tyler on Twitter then you might know he’s had a little mini-beef at a couple of Hip-Hop blogs, 2DopeBoyz and Nah Right.  Unbeknownst to them he’d been advertising his upcoming second album “Goblin” on their site for days, and at the start of this performance you can hear Tyler give a shoutout to 2DB’s Shake…..at the start of 2010 Tyler was pissed that the blogs wouldn’t feature his music and subsequently dissed both blogs on his album “Bastard”, and then they called him a “clown”, however it looks like Tyler has had the last laugh what with him and his band future oddities blowing up lately. As for the performance below it was pretty fucking good.

Actually, just based on the fact that he stole my Twitter background for his backdrop, I’m gonna say that this performance was fan-fucking-tastic.

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