[Watch/Listen] – Wallpaper. – “#STUPiDFACEDD”

So I’ll keep it relatively short, I’ve written about Wallpaper.. before; I just really wanted to share with you guys the release of his new single, “#STUPidFACEDD”. Lets keep it straight, I LOVE this song. Of course the beats are dope – but the song is about something so near and dear to my heart (and I’m sure, many of yours). #STUPidFACEDD is about getting tonka trunk wasted and wandering around like the damn fool you are (or as he so lovingly refers to it “whiteboy wasted”).

The video portrays it well, so well that I think it revived last night’s “just one drink” a little and I had to eat some tums to keep that hangover at bay. REGARDLESS; check out this video, it premiered recently and deserves some serious cred.

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[AYO! Threw in a bonus track from way back; also about getting shit-hammered drunk]

Wallpaper. – “I Got Soul (I’m So Wasted)”