Wolkoff and The Hood Internet reunite for their new single “Me & Mine”

Last summer Wolkoff and The Hood Internet brought their talents together to unleash “Going Back“, a track that seemed to soak up all the aforementioned season’s good vibes and form them into a understated fade-out anthem from sunny days, drinks on the beach with friends, and rooftop barbecues. One last hurrah for the good times if you will, even though Wolkoff’s lyrics spoke to something more melancholic.

The duo are back with another single, and this time they’re looking through a completely different lens. “Me & Mine” pulsates with a tropical vibe, like it’s riding a wave of its own while Wolkoff sounds more assured and confident than ever before. Her voice is fuller, more strident, and more assured. “All we’ve got is twenty seconds,” she sings over and over towards the end, and something magical sounds at stake. Her voice is chopped up, processed and pitch shifted, and it adds to the vibrant scenery.

Wolkoff’s debut album, Without Shame, is out now. Take a listen to and/or download “Me & Mine” for free below.