Lone films a life of crime for rave-inspired “Backtail Was Heavy”

Lone‘s got a new album Levitate on the way in April, and the record seems to be a return to his older works based on the sound of “Backtail Was Heavy.” While his previous LP, Reality Testing, cribbed more from the breezy, boom bap beats of ’90s hip-hop, the new single has the producer going back to the more speedy underground rave music of that same decade something like what he explored in Emerald Fantasy Tracks in 2010. The drums may kick faster, but what remains is his ear for candy-sweet synths. The aggressive, jungle-inspired parts pack a punch, but it’s the final quiet moments when the synths swell and shine that prove the most memorable.

Levitate is out May 27th via R&S Records. Watch the dramatic video for “Backtail Was Heavy” below.