Poll: What Kind Of Merchandise Would You Like To See From Listen Before You Buy?

LBYB Logo LB4YB Logo Listen Before You BuyWe’re going to break out the big news here, after hinting at it in the newsletter a few weeks ago: there are some big,¬†big changes coming to camp¬†Listen Before You Buy. We’ve been going for almost three years now, and the site has grown more than we ever imagined and it’s time to try and take things up another level.

One of these things is a major overhaul of how the site works inside and out, as well as how it looks. We’re already working on both, and we need a little help, especially to make the site look better. In fact, we’re sure you’re going to love the changes. We’ll be running a more proper campaign (something to kick-start us, wink, wink) in the coming weeks, but for now we want to know what you’d want in return for lending a helping hand.

The easiest way for us to do this is by offering merchandise to any interested. So tell us in the poll below: what kind of merchandise would you like to see from us? What would you like to own and think, “this is one sweet piece of merch. I’m so happy I bought this”? Anything we make we guarantee will look better than the way our site does at the moment.

For now, this is all we can say, but stay tuned, because we’re flipping things inside out…

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