The Postal Service To Reunite For Coachella And Release 10th Anniversary Edition Of ‘Give Up’

The Postal Service

It’s been wished for, it’s been prayed for, it’s been rumoured, and now it’s actually happening!

Kriss Kross are back! Oh, wait, no that’s tomorrow’s leading news piece. Today it’s all about The Postal Service reuniting to play this year’s Coachella as well as release a 10th anniversary edition of their stunning, jizz-in-the-pants-worthy debut album Give Up from 2003.

What we’re mostly all waiting for is for them to record and release another goddamn album, but it seems like that’s still a long way off, if it’s even going to happen at all. After Coachella the band are going to play some other live dates though there’s no word on where or when those might be, but for now, relive the glory that is some of the tracks from Give Up below.

UPDATE: The band have updated their website to include the details of their return and the 10th anniversary edition of Give Up, and it’ll include to brand new songs: “A Tattered Line Of String”, and “Turn Around”.