The Strokes Confirm New Album ‘Comedown Machine’

The Strokes - Comedown Machine

It was only a matter of time until this news came out after The Strokes dropped a surprise new track last week, and after there being reports of another song “All The Time” was already in the hands of radio stations.

“One Way Trigger” dropped last week to a lot of excitement, that then subsided once people actually heard the song. It’s rough, to be honest, like they’re trying to reinvent themselves as one-hit wonders Aha and their song “Take On Me”. That shit ain’t a good look, Casablancas. Get yr shit together.

Comedown Machine will see the light of day on March 26th via RCA, with their new single “All The Time” coming out on February 19th. Reseat yourself back to the glory days of The Strokes with their video for “Hard To Explain”.

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