Top 10 Independent Music Blogs To Follow On Twitter

Top 10 Independent Music Blogs To Follow On Twitter

People love lists, and people love music, and some people love music blogs, and then there are others who enjoy Twitter, and then we have a few people who enjoy them altogether.

With this list though, it’s not just about who’s the biggest music blog or who posts the most, it’s a mix between blogs who post regularly fantastic content and others who post less content to their own blog but who’s Twitter game is on fire. We follow and interact with these blogs on a daily basis, and you should too. Here they are in alphabetical order.


Follow Listen Before You Buy on Twitter.


AbeanoFollowers: 4,299

Coming straight outta the U.K., Abeano lets the music do the talking on their Twitter account, from their own blog posts to retweets and links of interest from genres scattered across the lesser-known regions of independent music, with a slant on the U.K. scene. Recommended if you like your music eclectic, original, fresh, and ahead of the curve.


disco naïveté - Followers: 5,752

What’s not to say about Disco Naïveté that hasn’t been said already? His Twitter feed is replete with his own blog’s content and his excellent taste in independent music shines through in the hidden gems he digs up.


HypetrakFollowers: 9,110

Hyptrak offer up a steady stream of the latest independent music news, MP3s, and videos, swinging big for Hip-Hop but also throws down when it comes to the best in the indie and electronic worlds too. You’ll get a slick visit when you check out their site and your ears will thank you later.


Nialler9 - Followers: 12,922

Irish music blog Nialler9 is regularly voted and regarded as one of the top music blogs in the world, highlighting some of the best new musical talent coming out of Ireland and the U.K. Knowledge of music of the past and an ear for what we’ll all be listening to in the future, it’s up there with the best in the independent music blog royal family.


No Fear Of PopFollowers: 3,580

Started in Berlin, there aren’t a whole host of blogs who post as much well-written and consistently ear-catching music as NOFOP. A gorgeous and simple blog design coupled with a musical pallete of the Gods, their Twitter feed is regularly updated and never misses a beat. If it’s a little bit different and whole lot of original, you’ll find it here.


Pigeons And Planes – Followers: 8,609

One of the first blogs we followed on Twitter was Confusion’s Pigeons And Planes. A couple of years ago you would’ve found  posts and tweets primarily about Hip-Hop, from the biggest names to ones you’ve never heard of, but now you’ll see him tweet about anything from his love of Lykke Li (and dismay at her recent engagement) to rediscovering a long-lost early 90′s grunge band.


The Leaving SceneFollowers: 903

As he describes his blog himself: “A blog featuring emotional dance music at no less than 115bpm.” One thing that can be said for The Leaving Scene is that he’s about as consistent as they come, posting to his blog regularly as well as making engaging tweets and retweeting anything and everything relevant to exceptional electronic-based music.


The Styrofoam DroneFollowers: 481

We share a love of vinyl, us and The Styrofoam Drone, and on many occasions in the last few months that I’ve been following them they’ve turned me on to a fantastic piece of wax by some unknown artist that should have much more exposure than they do. When a blog can do that on a regular basis, they’re onto something special. This is that blog.


We Listen For You – Followers: 5,901

A mix between independent music with a slant on the alternative, indie, folk side of things, the content posted on We Listen For You is not only fantastic, but their Twitter feed is one of the most honest, opinionated, witty, and funny ones around. If they tweet, we pay attention.


yvynylFollowers: 5,220

As suggested by the name, Mark Schonevald’s Philadelphia-based blog yvynyl has a strong focus on vinyl releases, regularly bumping some of the best bands and artists you’ve never heard of before (from electronic, to punk, to lo-fi, to psychedelic), as well as throwing up links to buy their vinyls. Not content with just music, he branches out into different spheres of art and social media too and you’ll also see pictures of his ever-growing record collection.