Angel Olsen Releases New 7″ Single And Videos For ‘Tiniest Seed’ And ‘Sweet Dreams’

Angel Olsen

I made a boo boo. I done fucked up. I screwed the pooch.

I got into the Angel Olsen album far far far too late last year, in fact really only letting it take over the innards of my ears for the month of December, though it was released back in September. Her second album Half Way Home is a gloriously emotive folk album, gaining widespread acclaim and showing its beautiful little face on a bunch of year-end lists.

She just announced that she’s releasing a new 7″ single called “Sleepwalker” on January 15th via Sixteen Tambourines, featuring two new tracks, the first being “Sweet Dreams” which you can check out on NPR, and the b-side “California”. She’s also released a beautiful video for “Tiniest Seed”, my favourite track on the whole album, below via NPR.

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