Video: Chlöe Howl – No Strings

Chloe Howl No Strings video

It’s been a about ten days since Chlöe Howl released a free EP, her video for “Rumour,” and announced that there’d be two more for each of the other tracks on it. Now, we’ve gotten the next video in the series, for her debut track, “No Strings.” The aesthetic is very similar to the first video in the series, changing the green background for a yellow one.

The good news is that there’s still smashing involved – this time a cake instead of a piñata – and images of Ms. Howl being generally adorable as she sings the still great song. Very tongue-in-cheek, this young freckled pop star.

Chlöe Howl’s Rumour EP is available to download for free on her website for the price of an email address.

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