[Video] – Cloud Nothings – “No Sentiment” (Live For Pitchfork Weekly)

Check out the one-take video of “No Sentiment” from Cloud Nothings below.

The importance of mistakes in a band’s set is one of the most underrated aspects of music there is. Seeing the difference between a band that has their shit together and a band that does not will never be more apparent than when someone’s amp shorts out or the guitarist breaks a string.

I saw Planes Mistaken For Stars play one of the most cursed sets ever, from an amp smoking to pedals shorting out with a couple of broken strings in-between and as a result it ended up being one of the best shows I’ve seen. How they kept their composure and somehow used those issues to make themselves play better made me appreciate being there, they handled it so well in fact that if you weren’t paying close attention you never would have known that something was going wrong at all.

I think now of all the terrible shows I’ve seen and how many of those come from bands that act like one small problem is the end of the world, the ones who stop everything so they can put complete focus on the problem and spend minute after minute spouting half-jokes into the microphone and self-referencing themselves as a “professional band.” Unless you’re Ryan Adams no-one wants to hear you ramble. When was the last time anyone stood outside of a venue saying “I really hope these guys play terribly tonight and then make a ton of excuses about it?”…Never.

I would assume that TJ Duke isn’t exactly happy about having broke a bass string during this shot of “No Sentiment,” yet it actually sells the live vibe that would have been much less real without it. Instead of seeing Cloud Nothings just shoot a video in a warehouse now it feels like we are actually there with them. I only wish more live clips of bands included intricate tangents standing out such as breaking a string at the end of a song.

I’m still feeling the buzz from Cloud Nothings at SXSW two weeks ago, this is a nice way to start my Friday.

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