Video: Digits – Love Is Only Affection

Digits - Love Is Only Affection video still

Yesterday, Digits premiered his first ever music video over on The Fader; an accompaniment to his track “Love Is Only Affection”. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Alt: ice-cool synths, understated beats, and a deceptively dark undertone to the lyrics. The video does a great job of capturing the feel: sure, it’s all JJ Abrams lens-flare and sepia tones on the surface, but there are some pretty sordid goings on in the background.

It may also feature Ziggy Stardust’s wife, although that’s just conjecture on my part. She’s in a pretty bad way by the looks of things. There’s an EP with the same name to follow in February; until then, you can grab a download of the song over on Soundcloud, and check out the video below. Just don’t expect it to renew your faith in humanity.

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