Video: Grizzly Bear – gun-shy

Grizzly Bear - gun-shy

Grizzly Bear‘s Shields is a fantastic album. It’s, in fact, so fantastic, that we decided it was the third best album to come out last year, which if you think about it is pretty remarkable. Part of the reason it was such a great album was the fact that it had some very, very good songs that stood alone individually. This seems silly, but there are plenty of good or great albums whose tracks don’t really work alone.

While the song from that album that ended up making our best songs of 2012 list was “A Simple Answer”, there were a good handful of others that were in contention. One such track was “gun-shy” (my personal favorite song from Shields), which is possibly also the album’s most different one. Now the song also has a video, which hopefully gives it a bit more of a deserved spotlight.

That’s assuming the viewer can actually stomach it, because it’s definitely not easy on the eyes. There’s all sorts of unsettling images here, and while the screen capture above paints a seemingly nice picture, the fact that Ed Droste looks perturbed is probably because the video is such. In it we see liquid coming out of eyeballs, hair follicles being plucked, things moving under the skin and a whole other long list of stomach-churning sights. Fun times!

If that description hasn’t turned you off, or if you’re just really curious as to what the hell I’m talking about, you can watch the video for “gun-shy” below.

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