Video: HAIM – Don’t Save Me

It’s hard to deny that HAIM (it looks like all-caps is preferred) are on a roll. They’ve been picking buzz left and right, the latest of which has been a pretty good piece in The Guardian. It’s all more than deserved, as the sister trio are  definitely on to something special with their mix of R&B and pop/rock. In fact, when we named them Ones To Watch in May we called them the “Fleetwood Mac of the future,” a description which we feel still holds true.

What is perhaps their best song to date (though it’s really hard to choose), “Don’t Save Me” was released last month, and now the girls have a rocking new video for it. We get a chance to see the band perform, dance, and kick some serious ass at basketball all in under four minutes.

Watch the video below, and stay tuned for more material from the trio, who are currently in the studio recording their debut album with James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Florence + the Machine).