Video: Laura Welsh – Cold Front

Laura Welsh - Cold Front Video

Shall we take a moment to remember how good Laura Welsh‘s “Cold Front” is? Go ahead, go listen, this’ll still be here. That was good, right? That’s Rhye‘s Robin Hannibal on production, of course. Lucky for you, you get to listen again as you watch the video for the song below.

While thematically very loosely related to the song, visually, the video is one of the more visually interesting ones we’ve seen all year. In it we see a dancer being “moved around” by larger-than-life shadows. While first starting as relatively gentle movements, things escalate towards harsher, more abusive moments. Maybe it’s all a commentary on the feelings of somebody goes through when they’re having their heart broken and feel they’re not in control of their emotions?

Whatever the reason behind the video, it’s definitely worth at least a watch, and you can do so below. Laura Welsh’s Cold Front EP will be out July 14th/15th via Polydor/Outsider.

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