Video: We Are The Physics – Dildonics

We Are The Physics have… sigh. AGAIN, released ANOTHER amazingly UP, CLOSE, AND PERSONAL dance punk video capable of heart failure. They seem to have a knack for these kinds of things. Note: I’m not complaining. I’m celebrating! The band’s vocalist/bassist, Michael M. , directed this pulsating video that periodically shows faucets and such. Nothing you’d be surprised with this band, by now.

The track is, of course, blatantly screaming D-I-L-D-O-N-I-C-S. Again, nothing completely out of sync for these nerdy punks. The groovy basslines that precede the chanting choruses, the random screaming references to extra-nerdy things, and the brilliance of Michael M.’s songwriting make this track and the rest of the tracks on their album (playable on Spotify) Your Friend, The Atom. Definitely a looker if you love anything about this crazy, anarchic Scottish band.

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