Live + Photos: Young Cairo’s Live Debut

Thursday, September 6th marked the live debut of Young Cairo, who performed a short set at his “Young Cairo Pop Shop” and set up a small art exhibition on Oxford Street in Sydney – right where most of the scenes from the “Ghosts” video was shot, making my walk over to the show much more exciting than I had expected.

With only one song to his name, Young Cairo (Andrawis George) played a three-song set, which included unreleased material off his upcoming debut full-length, Sing Don’t Sleep, as well as “Ghosts”, of course. The cuts he played seem to be a bit more on the surf-rock side, as opposed to the straight-up pop, but all seem infectious as ever, laden with drum machines and reverb-drenched guitar. All were incredible and prove that he’s really got plenty more similar gems tucked away.

Anyway, here are some photos below, as well as the video for “Ghosts”. This guy is definitely one to watch, as his entire performance and displays at his “Pop Shop” are just screaming for success!

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