Live + Photos: Chairlift at Parklife, Sydney

All photography by Melissa Scheinberg

Parklife taught me two very important things about Chairlift: 1.) Front woman Caroline Polacheck is an incredible performer - gorgeous, too and 2.) These guys are way more than just “Bruises”.

Ever since leaving their performance, I’ve been constantly kicking myself for not listening to the band’s latest effort, Something, sooner. 2012 has thus far been such a great year for music, and some quality albums just slipped by…

But enough about that: Chairlift put on a fabulous show filled with old gems (“Bruises” included) and new. “Bruises” was an obvious highlight, as Polacheck engaged the crowd into a singalong, whilst prancing around the stage in her usual fashion. “Evident Utensil” was another older number that warrants further praise, as it was performed absolutely gorgeously live.

And then all the cuts off Something were gorgeous: Polacheck’s voice was spot-on throughout the duration of their set, morphing from Feist-like to something with a sun-drenched Bethany Consentino quality, as the 80s-inspired synths stirred up quite a dance party.

Chairlift was definitely the dark horse for one of the day’s greatest sets.