Live + Photos: Los Campesinos! At Harvest Festival, Sydney

Welsh seven-piece Los Campesinos! delivered during their Harvest Festival debut in Sydney. The twee-poppers, all of whom have traded in their last names for “Campesinos!”, showcased incredible energy, performing to a gradually enlarging crowd at the festival’s main stage.

Gareth Campesinos!, the band’s frontman and xylophone player, brought great energy and enthusiasm to the show, as displayed by his crazy stage antics as he ran around the stage like a madman, as the band blasted through the bests of their four-album discography with everything from the frantic “We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed” to the more mellow “By Your Hand” from Hello Sadness. Just as they did when I saw them back in 2010, the band ended with “Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks” from Hold On Now Youngster, with Gareth jumping over barricades into the crowd for the duration of the song.

If you haven’t caught these guys live, I’d suggest doing so, as these guys know how to excite a crowd!

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