Live + Photos: Sigur Rós At Harvest Festival, Sydney

What ended up being both the most surprisingly brilliant set of Harvest was most definitely Sigur Rós‘ festival-closing set. The Icelandic four-piece created an ethereal soundscape by means of Jónsi‘s signature falsetto and bow-guitar playing, as well as a mini backing orchestra.

This ethereal soundscape spread a sort of magic throughout the festival, as festival-goers were entranced, while some were even shedding a few tears (which I may be guilty of…) due to the dramatic euphoria and build-up of the music. There is just something absolutely magical about seeing these guys live.

Relying heavily on their most renowned effort to date, Takk…, the band playedGlósóli” early on along with “Hoppípolla”, both of which incited a great crowd response due to the tracks’ ethereal nature. Odd enough, though, the band only played one track, the darker “Varúð”, off their latest A-rated effort, Valtari. The eleven-song set was probably my favorite live show from the past few months, which I’d recommend anyone who likes music to see at least once in their lives.

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