Live + Photos: The Presets at Parklife, Sydney

All photography by Melissa Scheinberg

To say that The Presets kicked ass would have to be an understatement, as these guys put on an incredible homecoming show to close out this year’s Parklife with their live-instrumented electronic brilliance.

Starting their set were Apacalypso‘s “Kicking and Screaming” and “Talk Like That”, blowing the massive audience away with their perfected synthpop and unbelievable light show. Another one-two punch of Pacifica highlights followed with the club-ready “Promises” and the massive “Ghosts”. The Pacifica cuts translated live so well, solidifying the fact that it really may be my favorite album of the year (well, definitely top 10).

While I was hoping for the majority of their latest record, the Sydneysiders still kept it going with “Down, Down, Down”“This Boy’s In Love”, and “If I Know You” off of Beams and Apacalypso respectively. Their light show and stage setup was even more awesome than they let on, and their upcoming North American tour is something not to miss no matter what.

Next was “Are You The One, probably one of their most famous tracks, as it elicited one of the greatest crowd responses with its massive, dark synth-laden hook. I can’t stress how incredible these guys are in a live setting. They just absolutely blew me away.

And then was the greatest run of songs: Pacifica‘s “Youth In Trouble”“Fast Seconds” and “AO”, followed by their other most famous number, “All Of My People”. This run of four songs was 20-minutes of pure excellence that had everyone (myself included) dancing and singing along.

I think one of the most impressive aspects of the show was the fact that these guys didn’t have a backing band; the incredible, massive sound and texture created by The Presets was only made by the two of them, as Julian Hamilton took on his usual vocal duties and synths, while Kim Moyes switched off between his own set of synths and drums.

These guys are the real deal: no gimmicks, just straight up electronic synthpop goodness. And I’ll say it again: go see them live – it takes their records to a whole new level of amazingness in a similar vein to Radiohead (a comparison to Radiohead says it all).

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