Dâm-Funk7 Days of Funk EP

It’s a wonder how the 7 Days of Funk EP took this long to come into fruition. The EP is a collaboration between Dâm-Funk and Snoop Dogg, or Snoopzilla as he likes to call himself for this record and, based on their mutual love for throwback funk and geographic locale (Dâm-Funk is from Los Angeles while famously reps Long Beach), this friendship was waiting to happen. Check the two together in interviews, and they also seem to agree this partnership was a great thing to come about. The positivity shows on the record as 7 Days of Funk is nothing but fun throughout its seven tracks.

As expected, Dâm-Funk handles his signature retro California funk in 7 Days of Funk, a sound that Snoop Dogg may have sampled in his youth. The producer mixes warm synth pop with old-school funk tropes of snappy drums and fat bass lines. Meanwhile, Snoop handles the rapping as well as the hooks, the latter being a better position for the rapper in this record, especially when it’s processed through a vocoder. Content wise, nothing particularly life-changing comes from Snoop, but this EP isn’t focused on making a grand artistic statement as much as it’s about having a good time.

And man, do they have a good time. It’s exciting to witness Snoop Dogg have fun with his favored genre of funk again. He lays down his hooks smoothly, such as his giddy verses in “Let It Go”. In the middle of “Faden Away”, Snoopzilla interrupts the track by playing a persona of goofy radio DJ “Snoopy” Collins to holler at his listeners. Interestingly, Snoop Dogg also takes the time to question aspects about love and romance with both an earnest and fun way. On the production side, Dâm-Funk provides familiar West Coast vibes to back up Snoop Dogg yet includes his own distinguishable taste into the mix. The producer is obviously capable of using a variety of moods, from straight-up G-funk (“Hit Da Pavement”) to lighter synth R&B (“1Question?”), but always catering to Snoop’s changing moods.

As a whole, 7 Days of Funk feels like a warm up to something that could be potentially bigger. It’s a casual side project, though, and seems to be a learning experience for the musicians involved. For Snoop Dogg, his feel-good work could be the spark to bring a more fun and focused approach to his future output. Similarly, Dâm-Funk has already experimented with funk icon Steve Arrington earlier this year in the record Higher, expanding the Dâm-Funk sound farther than before. It’s no different on 7 Days of Funk as he provides a diverse taste while tailoring them in a more pop-centric direction. However, if both musicians decide to stretch out their funk into a full-length, that would be exciting.